Men painting a wall in a school

Wall in Vedado

Mother and daughter in their apartment

Women asking for a ride
Since transportation is not good in Cuba it is common to see people
asking for a ride. Sexual assult of women is unheard of.

Street scene

Old mansion turned into apartments


Group of friends in Coppelia Park
Coppelia Park is an entire block devoted to the consumption of ice cream.
Especially in hot days, the lines to get ice cream go around the block onto
nearby streets.
Coppelia park was featured in the movie Fresa y Chocolate.

House with tape on the windows
Tape is put on windows to prevent glass flying all over during a hurricane

Car with an attitude

Musicians practicing

Small garden in a neighborhood next to
Cementerio Colon in Vedado
"To make is the best way to say" Jose Marti

Entrance to Cementerio Colon
This is one of the world's great cementeries, with great tombstones that
comprise "Who's Who" in Cuban history.

Avenida Obispo Fray Jacinto
This is the main street in Cementerio Colon. The arch on the end of the street
is the entrance. This avenue is just as long behind me.
The cementary sits on 56 acres of land. In addition to countless gravestones
this cemetary contains more than 500 major mausoleums, family vaults,
galleries and chapels containing the remains of about a million persons.

In Cementerio Colon, Vedado.

Abandoned truck in the "wrong" neighborhood.
After exiting the cementary through the back door I ended up in a interesting
neighborhood. The streets where empty except for a two ladies and a guy that
warned my about this part of town.

A main street in downtown Vedado.

Girl in a bus

House in a neighborhood in Miramar.
Benz is a state owned taxi.

Wall in Vedado.
"Peace. I dreamed airplanes clouded the day
just as people sang and laughed the most"

Overheated truck

Kids going to school
Behind is one of the many jaguey trees in Parque de los Ahorcados.

Emiliano Zapata
This is a life size statue in Plaza Emiliano Zapata which is
within Parque de los Ahorcados (Park of the Hanged).

Drug store in Miramar

Mother and son

Man and woman on a motorcycle
Passing in front of Plaza de la Revolucion

Man with headphones

Monument and Museum Jose Marti
This massive monument made of gray granite and marble sits atop a 30 meter-tall
base that is shaped like a five pointed star. Museum Jose Marti (within the base)
exhibits drawings, maps, engravings and other significant artifacts in Marti's life.

Taxis known as "cocos"

Bakery in Vedado.

Sidewalk in Vedado.
This sidewalk in one of the main streets in Vedado has different designs
similar to this design about every twelve feet.

Apartment building in Vedado.

Swimming pool in the hotel
This is the swimming pool at the hotel I stayed. Since, this hotel has been
turned into a hospital for patients from Venezuela.

Man having a sandwich on his balcony

Men sitting on stairs

Billboard - Cuba against embargo
"But you can never take music away" Brenda 9 yrs. old.

Students and teacher
Centro Habana

Building in Centro Habana.

Kid in Centro Habana

Street in Habana Vieja.
A part of downtown Habana has been remodeled and now its know as
Habana Vieja.

Woman getting into car in Centro Habana.

Guy delivering cake
Centro Habana

Guy taking a leak on sidewalk
Centro Habana

Kid sitting on the wall at the Seafront Boulevard known as malecon.
The malecon is the city's undisputed social gathering spot.
Centro Habana

Kids hanging around
Habana Vieja

Street in Habana Vieja.

Plaza De La Catedral
On background is the Catedral de la Virgen Maria de la Concepcion Inmaculada,
built in 1748.
(Habana Vieja)

Woman enjoying small parade
The parade was announcing a play opening that weekend.
(Habana Vieja)

Woman going into a bank
Habana Vieja

Habana Vieja